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Reiki and Healing Touch

Reiki and Healing Touch are two forms of energy work, like acupuncture without the needles. Reiki originated in Japan. Healing Touch was developed by a nurse in Colorado. The practitioner places his hands on or above the patient’s body. Healing energy is sent to the patient or techniques may be used to take stagnant energies out of the body. The intention is that whatever is for the patient’s best and highest good will occur. The energy works on four levels of the body—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, results may not always be seen physically. For instance, a person with cancer may remain very sick but be able to sleep better, have less anxiety and be at peace with his condition.

Dr. Brenda uses Reiki and Healing Touch on pets to support traditional veterinary care. She also uses some homeopathy and flower essences. These therapies can be used for illnesses and behavior problems. Reiki and Healing Touch are great for acute pain relief after surgery or trauma and in humans have been shown to speed up healing time. They are also wonderful for animals with chronic illnesses (cancer, kidney failure, etc) and senior pets. Owners notice increased activity, better appetites and more energy after treatments.

Holistic therapies are not meant to replace good conventional medicine. However, to maximize your pet’s chances for a speedy recovery and optimal health, they should be combined with traditional therapies right from the start. This is the way to treat the whole body “whol-istically”!