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Pet Services

Every day at our clinic we see healthy pets for vaccines and sick ones who need medical attention. Vomiting, diarrhea,
coughing, seizures and limping are just a few of the problems we can help.

At The Pet Wellness Clinic we run most of the blood tests on site. We have a blood chemistry machine, electrolyte reader, and the ability to run thyroid levels, bile acids and cortisol levels. We can also run urinalyses and fecal exams.

Radiographs (xrays) can be taken of pets who are limping, having breathing difficulties or possibly swallowed something they shouldn’t have.

When a pet requires some specialized tests, we can refer to a veterinary specialist or consult a mobile one. We work with a mobile ultrasound service and a cardiologist who come to our clinic for case consultations.

A big part of each appointment is client education. We inform owners about which diseases their pet may be genetically prone to based on his species, breed and age. By educating owners about subtle signs of disease, we have a better chance of catching and treating it early.

Regarding vaccines, we make our recommendations based on your pet’s risk for disease. Current veterinary standards for vaccines include puppy or kitten shots, a one-year booster and then booster vaccines every three years afterwards. We support these recommendations because we believe pets have been traditionally over-vaccinated. We tailor our vaccine protocols to fit the best interest of the owner and the pet. To minimize risks associated with these products, we vaccinate on the lower legs and we do not inject more than one vaccine into the same area.